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This is an element we are still involved in, we have our own turbines which supply a very high percentage of our workshop electrical needs.

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AH Contracting

AH Contracting is a partnership which was formed through the well known abilities of Andrew Hughson and the support and equipment of Michael Anderson / STS Ltd, this arm of the company is equipped and experienced in a huge range of excavator works, site works such as foundations roads drainage…

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Vehicle Tuning

STS Vehicle tuning is a facility within the company with a Chassis Dyno or Rolling road, this amazing facility is used for a range of vehicle performance tuning. Inherently this facility can mimic road load conditions so can also be used as a diagnostic facility to help identify a range of difficult to find vehicle and drive faults.

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Classic Car Services

We have always have a keen interest in classic cars and have a range of these vehicles which are planned for restoration. We have a Classic Car assessment certificate which means we can support the purchasing and sales of cars from the islands, we also can provide performance assessment and tuning using our chassis dyno giving a unusually comprehensive overall service. Our workshop is extremely well insulated and we have under floor heating throughout, this is key in securing vehicle condition and making sure that we can ensure minimal deterioration over time.

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Michael Anderson started in the motor vehicle industry at North Bridge Garage as an apprentice under the exceptional guiding hands of Willie Malcolmson, this experience led to being an award winning City and Guilds student, Lecturer in Motor vehicle Technology, chassis dyno tuning experience and most aspects in vehicle repair / development. A strong interest in diverse engineering and energy management led to the start of Shetland Wind Power Ltd, a company promoting and selling renewable energy production and management systems 20 years ago, this was then sold to a Glasgow based investor in 2010 who unfortunately closed the company down eleven months later, subsequently Specialist Technical Solutions Ltd was set up to operate in the areas of expertise gained.

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